Denny Hamlin Says Bubba Watson Is Too Scared To Race

Bubba Watson sure does like his cars. He famously owns the General Lee and just recently sold one of his many hot rods at auction to benefit Birdies for the Brave. Off the course, it seems like he’s always riding jet skis or jumping off cliffs in Hawaii or doing some adrenaline junky-type activity.

So when Bubba’s good friend and NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin said he “can’t remember” if he’s ever gotten Watson into a race car, it was a bit of a surprise. You’d figure turning a couple laps in Hamlin’s FedEx Toyota Camry would be something high on Watson’s “to-do” list.

Not so, says Hamlin. 

“He’d probably be too scared to do it,” Hamlin said. “He said he doesn’t want to go fast.”

Really? Bubba doesn’t want to go fast? I guess he won’t be joining fellow golf boy Rickie Fowler on the track any time soon.


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