Dustin and Paulina: An Instagram Love Story

Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn are golf’s most athletic couple. Rory McIlroy and Caroline Wozniacki aren’t far behind.

Attractive as those pairings may be, they’ve got nothing on Dustin Johnson and Paulina Gretzky… and Dustina knows it. They may be the most photographed couple in the world. Self photographed, that is.

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Not too long ago, Dustin popped the question to Paulina. Within minutes (probably), they announced it to the world on Instagram.

Here’s a look at how the pretty couple arrived to that point:



Here we have the lovely Paulina, looking as beautiful as ever as she intentionally disobeys traffic laws to turn around and pose for a quick photo. Those sunglasses can’t hide the twitterpated eyes of a woman bitten by the love bug for the PGA Tour’s long-hitting Johnson.

Crunch Time


What better way to win over a professional golf heartthrob than by busting out a few crunches at the gym? Paulina has always been incredibly aware of her fitness level – just as most red-blooded American men who view her photos are. Just look at that form! Look at that strength! Wait, is that Billy Horschel acting like a trainer?

 Dog Tired


Aww, isn’t that sweet? Paulina needs a quick nap after working out in preparation for her big date with Dustin. This is actually a sad picture in many ways, considering Paulina’s forced to sleep in a giant dog bed and her hellacious wedgie. But at least she has an adorable puppy, because of course she does.

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire


Finally, Dustin and Paulina together at last! Here we see the loving couple at a Miami Heat game. Telling by the empty seats in the background, this is must be the night when Heat fans broke the attendance record for an NBA game in Florida. What a great photo to catch such a rare occasion!

Sun Kissed


What better way to recover from struggling through two quarters of Miami Heat basketball than to fly to Bermuda and make out by the pool over a cremation urn and a couple of cocktails? More importantly, I’m pretty sure those are my sunglasses. Yeah, I know they look like women’s glasses; it’s a fashion statement. Don’t judge me.

Nice Buoys


Here we see Paulina moments after stealing a hat from a trucker and in the midst of putting Dustin in a headlock. Unfortunately for her, Dustin is approximately 11 times larger than her and can easily fend off any assault… not that he’d want to.  How adorable!

Driving Me Crazy


Uh oh, looks like Paulina hasn’t given up just yet. What started out as a normal night out at the club turned into yet another failed headlock attempt. Dustin is certainly being a great sport with this whole “my girlfriend is adorably trying to choke me out” thing.

Carried Away


Well shucks, this is awkward. Here we see Dustin trying to carry Paulina away to safety from a horrible pair of shoes but the damn things don’t seem to want to be left behind. Little did we know that Dustin can instantly grow a Wolverine beard at the sight of beige tiles. He’s so mysterious.

Mile High Golf Club


Ok, this headlock thing is getting out of control. Not only is it incredibly inappropriate to attach yourself to your boyfriend during takeoff or landing, but Paulina is being “plane” rude violating the airline’s lap rule. She is clearly not 2 years old or younger.  (Although, parts of her might be.)  Would this be an inappropriate time to make a “floatation device” joke?

A Decent Proposal


Finally, we conclude our walk down memory lane with one of the couple’s first photos after officially announcing their engagement. We certainly wish both of these kids many years of happiness, success and a lot more luck with that headlock fascination they seem to have.

Just please do us a favor and keep the Instagram shutter fluttering.

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