Floyd Mayweather Buys Son Gold Bentley Golf Cart

Turning 15 years old means you’re one year away from being able to legally drive in most states, and one step closer to owning your first car. But that one year can feel like a lifetime.

One way to make the time between 15 and 16 feel shorter is to buy a golf cart and cruise around the neighborhood in it. 

Floyd Mayweather’s son Koraun recently turned 15 and wanted a Bentley golf cart. As you’d expect, Floyd granted his son’s wish and “made it appear.”

I think that ride will make the year pass fairly quickly. And when Koraun does finally turn 16, he’s bound to get something awesome.

According to his dad, at least: “Stay on the look out for his gift for his 16th birthday!”

If I had to guess, I’d say that Bentley golf cart will “grow” into a full-size car with all the bells and whistles. Or maybe he’ll just get a dune cart — or a golf buggy.

[h/t Golf.com]


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