Golfer Makes Ace, Wins House At True Thailand Classic

Giving away a car as a hole-in-one prize is old hat. Nowadays, you’ve really got to up the ante when it comes to what gets given away at golf tournaments when an ace is made. Just last year, for instance, a guy won a trip to outer space for making one. 

On Friday at the True Thailand Classic, Thai golfer Panuphol Pittayarat, 22, won a four-story, three-bedroom townhouse, currently being built alongside the ninth fairway on the course after making an ace at the 192-yard par-3 14th hole. He didn’t do enough to make the cut over all, but did say he felt like he had “won the tournament.”

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“I’m still shaking after finishing 18 holes. I didn’t really think I would ace that hole. It’s the second time I got a hole in one in my career,” he told The Guardian. “All I got the first time was two shots but this time I really got something. I’ve seen the pictures of the house every day since I arrived here. And now it’s mine.”


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