It Takes Two: Friends Team Up For Amazing Trick Shot

Every golfer’s been to the range for reasons other than improving their game. Since 1996, the “Happy Gilmore” swing has been, perhaps, the most popular driving range activity outside of trying to nail the picker with a line drive. From tour pros to kids using borrowed clubs and cross-handed grips, no one is immune to breaking out that famous running drive. 

But how about trick shots on the range? Many have attempted, but very few have pulled them off. Even fewer have captured their success on tape.

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These guys were lucky enough to get their incredible trick shot on video:

No word on how many attempts this took, but who cares, right? It still takes some ridiculous timing by the kid in the purple shirt and a perfectly-placed pitch by the kid in white to pull this off. I’d say, degree of difficulty, this was about an 8 out of 10 and they pulled it off flawlessly. And because it’s on video, they don’t ever need to do it again. 

Nicely done, gents. Nicely done.

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