Jim Furyk Celebrates Callaway Deal With LeBron-esque ‘Tee Toss’

Quick, off the top of your head, what are some things Jim Furyk is known for?

Steady play.

Cerebral approach to the game.

Being a consistent contender in all events.

Celebrating like LeBron James.

Wait, what?

One of those things is, indeed, not like the others — up until yesterday, anyways.

Yes, that is Jim Furyk, doing his best LeBron impression after re-signing with Callaway for the 2015 season.

Maybe that should be his birdie celebration this year on tour. With his steady play, we’re bound to see plenty of it.

For comparison, see LeBron’s routine below. Who do you think performed it better? We’d say it was Furyk all the way.


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