Justin Bieber ‘Playing’ Golf Makes Me A Non-Belieber

So, this happened recently.

That’s Justin Bieber “playing” golf. Actually… no it isn’t. That’s Justin Bieber acting like a fool on a golf course.

Bieber is ridiculous and Kyle Porter of CBS Sports agrees. He does things to get a rise out of people, presumably laughing the entire way to the bank. Shame on us for encouraging him.

Only Bieber could make me sound like a golf traditionalist… actually, forget that. I don’t care what I sound like. Look at how he’s dressed! See what happens when The Biebs raises his arms to “celebrate”? That’s his underwear, folks! 

I don’t mind the flat-brim Pittsburgh Penguins hat, (with logo sticker still attached, because of course it is), nor the Ray Ban sunglasses, but for the love of all that’s decent and great about the game we love so much… pull up your pants, Justin!

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