Keegan Bradley Emulates Kramer, Whales Beware!

Keegan Bradley has become quite the world traveler over the years, almost to the point of a realty show star. Actually, that’s an amazing idea: Keegan Bradley, World Traveler. I call dibs on the creative licensing for that idea.

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Anyway, Keegan was on a beach in Anywhere, USA recently for a Tommy Hilfiger photo shoot. As you can see by this tweet from the former PGA Champion, Keegan killed some time by hitting sand wedges into the ocean. You know, typical “I’m awesome” stuff.


But… hold on a second. That photo looks pretty damn familiar to me…


OHMYGOD. Was Keegan paying homage to the one and only Kramer from Seinfeld fame?! Quick, Internet Squirrels! Find me a video!

I knew it. Keegan Bradley, you are one sly S.O.B. Well played, sir.

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