Kenny Mayne Plays the Deadliest Golf Tournament anchor and funnyman Kenny Mayne recently traveled to New Mexico to participate in the Elfego Baca Golf Shoot. A video of his exploits was posted on the interwebs this week, which showcases more brilliant examples of Mayne’s humor and dedication to the game.

The Elfego Baca Golf Shoot is not your grandaddy’s golf tournament, folks. (Well, I guess it could be if your grandfather plays golf in the middle of a desert surrounded by rattlesnakes, cactus and tumbleweeds.) As you can tell by the video above, Mayne and his fellow competitors must withstand the harshest elements to navigate around makeshift golf holes in what has to be the most dangerous tournament in the game.

One thing is certain about this event: the Elfego Baca Golf Shoot is another glaring example of how all areas of the globe are spreading the message of inclusion around the game of golf.

Even if that means hitting a tee shot off a mountain tee box, of course.

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