Musical Mashups: 9 Hilariously Disturbing #TOURplayerbandnames

Twitter can be an amazing, mysterious and sometimes disturbing phenomenon for several reasons, but one of the more unpredictable features has to be the hilarious trends. On Monday, the wonderful trend of #TOURplayerbandnames was born.

The Golf Boys not withstanding, most PGA Tour players will never know the joy of making it “big time” as a member of a boy band or hardcore rock group. But thanks to social media, that dream can become a reality.

Here are the 9 best #TOURplayerbandnames photos — some of which are disturbingly hilarious:

Guns N’ Justin Roses

Link-Inbee Park


The Jonas Blixt Brothers


MickelbackB9NLogo copy

Bones, Fluff-n-Harmony


Hilary Dufner

Patrick Creed

Kanye Westwood

Tiger Woodstock


Rickie Minaj


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