Must Watch: Padraig Harrington Holes Out While Blindfolded

If “Happy Gilmore 2” ever hits the screens, Padraig Harrington would serve well as a stunt double. Or maybe he gets a role where he takes on Happy, mimicking the legendary walk-up swing? Because Harrington might have the stroke down more to perfection than the originator.

The latest evidence comes from a stunt put on by HSBC in which Harrington is blindfolded while trying the “Happy Gilmore” shot:

He probably would have striped that first attempt had his caddie, Ronan Flood, not pulled a fast one. And who knows if the shot really went into the water. We can’t trust Flood.

Regardless, that wasn’t the best shot Harrington hit on the day. We give that honor to his hole-out from 135 yards – while blindfolded from behind two massive trees:

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