Video: Now This Is How You Celebrate Making An Ace

We’ve seen all sorts of holes-in-one made by all kinds of people. Blind guys, elderly ladies and 14-year-old kids have all made headlines for their aces. We’ve also seen multiple aces in a round and in a day, on consecutive days and by pros and amateurs alike … but I don’t think we’ve ever seen a reaction to an ace quite like this. 

I may never know the pure, unadulterated joy that comes when you make a hole-in-one, but this guy gives us all a glimpse at what incredible bliss burying your tee shot in the bottom of the cup brings: 


Seriously — and this is no knock on my folks, lovely girlfriend, Santa Claus or anyone or anything else — but I can’t honestly say I’ve been that happy or excited over anything that’s ever happened in my life. This guy is more hopped-up than a bunch of toddlers who found and devoured a stash of Pixisticks.

Good for him, though. My groaning comes purely from a place of jealousy. Congrats on your ace, dude. 

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