One Direction Star Receives Lifetime Membership To Irish Golf Club

When you’re rich, famous, and the member of a boy band, you can pretty much play golf wherever, whenever you want. That’s the case for One Direction star Niall Horan, only he probably won’t want to play anywhere except Mullingar Golf Club after what happened on Saturday.

Over the weekend, Horan was made an honorary lifetime member of the club, allowing him to play for free anytime. Isn’t that essentially every golfer’s dream?

What’s possibly most surprising about this is the fact that Horan and Rory McIlroy both played Mullingar Golf Club fairly often, yet it’s the singer who gets the membership and not the No. 1 player in the world.

The two apparently played golf in Australia a few weeks ago where they reminisced about the course and its quirks. 

“We were joking as to who could hit a shot over the big trees on the 10th hole,” Niall said. “He was picking out trees on the 10th that he likes to play over and I was thinking to myself ‘Holy God, this is a good golf club'”.

Receiving a lifetime membership doesn’t happen often, even though we all wish it would. But what if prestigious and iconic courses did give out lifetime memberships? Who would the memberships go to? We hold the answers to those very questions … sort of.

If we were to give out honorary memberships to celebrities, here’s who we’d hand them out to:

Bill Murray – Pebble Beach


A regular participant at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, Bill Murray gets our nod as the honorary member at Pebble Beach for obvious reasons. Not only has he won the event in the past, but he always shows up in the best attire. 

Justin Timberlake – Mirimichi Golf Course

Justin Timberlake's New Putter Brings Sexy Back

Most people don’t know what Mirimichi Golf Course is, but Justin Timberlake definitely does. Timberlake once owned the Tennessee course, but he sold it back in November for $500,000 — a $15.5 million loss. To make up for the loss, we’ll give Timberlake a lifetime membership to the course.

President Barack Obama – Any Donald Trump Course

Barack Obama Donald Trump

It’s no mystery that President Obama likes to play golf. He’s taken some criticism for his infatuation with the game, specifically from none other than Donald Trump. In fact, Trump even offered to give Obama a membership to any of his courses upon resigning from the presidency.

Willie Robertson – TPC Louisiana

Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson Meets Golf Counterpart

Although the guys of “Duck Dynasty” don’t seem like golfers on the surface, one of the members absolutely is. Willie Robertson has been spotted playing golf with the likes of Bubba Watson, and being a Louisiana native, it only seemed appropriate that he receive a membership to TPC Louisiana. Someone just has to tell him there’s no duck hunting on the course.

Charles Barkley – Any Mini Golf Course In The U.S.

9 of Charles Barkley’s Most 'Turrible' Golf Swings

Charles Barkley’s golf game is far different than his game on the court. Put simply, it needs work. That’s why we’re sending him back to the basics: mini golf. Rather than giving Barkley a membership to a prestigious course, Barkley will get the chance to hone his skills on the mini golf course — or more specifically, any mini golf course. It sounds like a good deal to me.


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