PGA Tour Now Encouraging Players To Fire Caddies In Lawsuit?

Remember last week when a group of caddies filed a class action lawsuit against the PGA Tour for compensation from the sponsors worn on their bibs during tournaments?

Remember how I said it appeared the two sides were heading toward a battle of epic proportions?

Well, the PGA Tour seems to have taken the next step towards such an event. According to a report by CBS Houston, some higher-ups with the PGA Tour are encouraging players to fire caddies involved in the lawsuit. 

“It was even suggested, I’m told, at the Champions Tour player meeting last night that the Tour officials suggested all players they should fire any caddie that’s involved in the case,” Eugene Egdorf, an attorney for the caddies said. “Frankly, I’m just offended that these guys are trying to interfere with the livelihoods of these caddies.”

The PGA Tour has yet to comment on the report. 


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