Phil Mickelson Flops Again

When you hear the words “backwards flop shot,” you think of Phil Mickelson. Want proof? Go to YouTube and search “Phil Mickelson.”

What’s the first auto-complete suggestion? “Phil Mickelson backwards shot.”

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However, if for some reason you still don’t think of Lefty, here’s one more reason why you should. 

During a practice round at this week’s Scottish Open, Mickelson pulled the good ol’ backwards shot out out of the bag.  

He’s possibly the greatest wedge player of this generation, and that’s exactly why.

This obviously isn’t the first time Mickelson has pulled it off, so here are some other instances of Lefty’s epic execution of the backwards shot. He even teaches you how he does it.

Oh, and he can hit flop shots over people, too.

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