McIlroy, Manning Take Picture Worth $51.4 Million

A bevy of PGA Tour players cruised up to Sports Authority Field at Mile High to watch the Broncos-Colts game Sunday night after they finished up the BMW Championship at Cherry Hills. The man they all wanted to see – no offense to Andrew Luck – was Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

But only one golfer (as far as we can tell) got to meet Manning: Rory McIlroy, who on Monday posted an image of the two (who combined to earn $51.4 million the past year) in the Broncos locker room after the game:

Such a pleasure getting to spend some time with this guy yesterday. #Peyton #Manning #classact

The UK’s Daily Mail caught a more serious moment:

McIlroy Manning 600

McIlroy was Manning’s guest for the game after meeting the quarterback earlier last week at Cherry Hills. He received a pre-game field pass and watched Manning go to work from a suite.

Among the conversations the world No. 1 golfer and world No. 1 quarterback probably had:

Manning: “I’ve played Cherry Hills a dozen times and never four-putted the 12th.”
McIlroy: “Funny. Can you crush one out of the driving range? Yeah, I did.”

Manning: “Forbes had me down for $27.1 million last year. How about you?”
McIlroy: “Just $24.3 mil. But that was before winning two majors and Omega playing my commercial a million times during the PGA Championship. And I’m about to take $10 mil next week.”
Manning: “Touché. But no one laughs at your commercials.”

McIlroy: “Nice game and thanks for the tickets!”
Manning: “Yeah, the least you could’ve done is get me into the pro-am, but instead they ask my brother? I could’ve played. Didn’t need practice. I had these Colts figured out in March.”

Manning: “You look a lot taller on TV.”
McIlroy: “You look a lot younger with a helmet on.”

Or something like that.

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