Shot of the Year Too? Rory McIlroy Bombs It 436 Yards

Rory McIlroy isn’t the biggest golfer on tour, but he is one of the most powerful. He’s currently No. 7 on the PGA Tour with 305 yards per drive, but he just blasted by his average on the 13th hole at the Scottish Open. I mean way by it.

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The hole measures 436 yards, and that’s exactly how far McIlroy hit it. And with accuracy. His drive found the putting surface — which was currently occupied by the group in front — showing that not even he thought he’d hit it that far. 

The best part about the video is not even the cameraman knew where the ball went. He was playing catch-up from the start trying to find that seemingly rocket-powered golf ball.

While this tournament isn’t a PGA Tour event, the longest drive on that tour this year is currently 397 yards (held by Webb Simpson). McIlroy has got him beat by a fair amount with this one.

McIlroy would make birdie on the hole, which was a part of his Royal Aberdeen course-record 7-under 64 on Thursday.

Sure seems like McIlroy is playing well heading into the Open Championship next week. Could he do what Phil Mickelson did a year ago and win both the Scottish Open and The Open? We’ll see.

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