Street Trick Shots Are Dangerous Yet Incredibly Enticing

The possibilities are endless when you bring a wedge, golf ball, and hitting mat everywhere you go — particularly when you’re gifted in the department of performing trick shots. Who wouldn’t love to hit golf balls off of playground equipment, or bounce a shot off of a brick wall and into a dumpster.

The Courooons, also known as Germany’s best tennis trick shot artists, decided to trade-in their rackets for golf clubs and produce this street-edition trick shot video.

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The duo roamed the mean streets of this unknown city, hitting golf balls off of everything you can imagine. 

Essentially, they hit the very shots that every golfer has wanted to hit while walking down a creepy abandoned alley … because every golfer dreams about hitting golf balls in abandoned alleys, right? Right.

Letting a guy wearing Floyd Mayweather’s “The Money Team” hat, high-top sneakers, and a leather jacket hit a golf ball at my head isn’t on my bucket list, nor will it ever be. I wouldn’t mind attempting to pull off some of the shots these guys do, though. 

If you enjoyed this video as much as I did, you’re in luck. This is just the first golf trick shot video the Courooons have done, with more likely to come.


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