Suzy Whaley Elected First Female Officer in PGA History

Suzy Whaley, the first woman to qualify for a PGA Tour event in nearly 60 years, is blazing trails in the game of golf yet again.

Whaley is now the first female officer in the history of the PGA of America thanks to her victory in the association’s three-way vote for secretary conducted Saturday at the annual meeting in Indianapolis.

Whaley received more than 50 percent of the vote.

“It’s an incredibly special day for me, my family, the Connecticut section and our members,” Whaley told the Associated Press. “Our association has a long-term strategic plan and I’m excited to part of implementing that plan. We have so many opportunities to bring diverse groups into the game, that’s what I’m excited about.”

The post sets on course a typical ascension that will make her the first female president in the history of the PGA starting in 2018. As secretary, Whaley will serve for two years before being appointed vice president for a tenure of the same length.

From there — as standard practice in the association dictates — Whaley will become president, followed by a term as honorary president.

As the Associated Press reported, each promotion is subject to a formal vote but those are commonly considered a formality.

In 2003, Whaley, of course, became the first female in 58 years to qualify for a PGA Tour event (the Greater Hartford Open) after winning the Connecticut PGA Championship.

Saturday’s voting at the PGA’s annual meeting also included the appointment of Derek Sprague to become the association’s 39th president. Sprague was serving as interim president after the removal of Ted Bishop in October. Paul Levy was promoted from secretary to vice president.

“I think it’s great to have a woman in a national leadership position because I think it opens the door for women in other leadership positions,” Sprague told the Associated Press. “It can only inspire other women to get into leadership positions.”


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