Gary Player Predicts Rory To Win Masters & The Boldest Predictions

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Gary Player: Rory Will Win The Masters In 2015, Complete Grand Slam

Gary Player is one of five players to complete the career grand slam, winning each of the four majors at least once. It’s an exclusive club featuring names like Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods, but the group may be growing to accommodate a sixth member — according to Player, at least.

Player came out and made a bold prediction regarding the Masters in 2015. No, he didn’t say that he’ll win it himself, but he did take a stab at who will take home the green jacket: Rory McIlroy.

“There is no question in my mind he will be the next winner of the career Grand Slam and he’ll go on to win many more major championships, Player said to

“I predict that he will do it (win the career Grand Slam in 2015) because the Masters is just made for him. There is no golf course I can think of that is made for him more than Augusta National.”


McIlroy’s name has been thrown around plenty in talks of who will win the Masters in 2015, especially after the year he had in 2014. But Player’s statements sound more like guarantees than predictions, and that’s perfectly fine.

According to Bovada, McIlroy is the outright favorite to win a green jacket in 2015 at 9-2 odds, ahead of Tiger Woods at 10-1 and Jordan Spieth at 12-1.

While Player’s prediction is obviously a bold one, it’s nowhere near as crazy as some guarantees we’ve seen in the past. Anyone recall Joe Namath guaranteeing victory in Super Bowl III?

Here are some of the boldest sports predictions ever made:

Joe Namath guarantees victory in Super Bowl III, backs it up with win


Possibly the boldest prediction of all was when “Broadway” guaranteed a victory for his New York Jets in Super Bowl III just a few days before kickoff. Of course, the Jets would go on to win the game 16-7, saving Namath from making a terribly wrong prediction.

Chad Ochocinco says Bengals will make playoffs in 2009, successfully do so


In 2009, Chad Ochocinco said his Cincinnati Bengals would make the playoffs. It came as no surprise that Ochocinco made that call being the guy that he is, but his game backed it up and the Bengals successfully made the postseason.

Terrance Knighton guarantees Super Bowl win for Denver Broncos this year


Denver Broncos defensive tackle Terrance Knighton said not too long ago that his team would win the upcoming Super Bowl, even if they have to go through the New England Patriots. His guarantee has yet to come to fruition obviously, but the Broncos have a chance as they sit with a first-round bye.

Muhammad Ali dreams about Liston knockout, comes true in first round


Prior to knocking out Sonny Liston in the 1965 rematch, Muhammad Ali said he had a dream about knocking out his opponent in the first round. Sure enough, Ali went to knockout Liston in the first two minutes. 

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