The Most Iconic Moments In Sports History

Iconic moments in sports are a collection of game-changing and emotional events that alter the way we watch the game. They become touchstones in our lives that we reach back to in order to relive the excitement. They are moments that athletes we love have created for us over the course of the last century. We derive some of our most-used phrases from these moments, and we still talk about them to this day.

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We all want to “call our shot” or “be like Mike,” and these moments are those specific times when sports butt into our national lexicon and give us a reason to marvel at the emotion and pageantry of sports. Test your knowledge and see if you can identify some of the greatest images in sports history.

The Most Iconic Moments In Sports History

Phil Oscarson is an avid golfer and golf analyst who writes for BleacherReport and He’s still trying to convince his wife to let him install a putting green in his backyard.

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