The Unimaginable: Charles Barkley Pulls Off Trick Shot

This is probably the least likely combination in golf, but it worked: Charles Barkley and a trick shot. A golf trick shot, on a golf course, with a golf club, swung by Charles Barkley. Yep.

At the Jerry Colangelo NBA Hall of Fame golf tournament in Arizona, Barkley teamed up with trick shot entertainer and long drive competitor, Trevor Consavage, to pull off the unthinkable. 

Here was Consavage’s thought process, as told in the description of the video:

“I thought to myself, why not take the world’s most scrutinized celebrity golfer/golf swing, and have him help pull off one of the most difficult golf trick shots ever. I wanted to show that this 6-6 legend does indeed have great touch! What most people will never realize, is that Charles had the most difficult shot. Send Hank Haney this video! I told Charles, he should start practicing hitting balls like me out of the air … then he would never ‘chunk’ it ever again!”

It was a fantastic idea, and executed to perfection. Barkley’s reaction was priceless, too — a look of shock.

Let’s hope his swing has been cured once and for all. 


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