Too Much Snow? Have No Fear, ‘Snolf’ Is Here

It’s winter and overall a tough time of the year for golfers in snowy states. We get the itch to hit the course again, but unfortunately the conditions are less than ideal.

For those snow-covered areas of the country, though, there is a solution. It’s called “Snolf.”

Snolf is simple: It’s golf … in the snow … with a tennis ball. Easy right? Well, not when you can only use one club and your ball sinks into three feet of snow.

Snolf looks like a good time as long as you’re OK with trekking through a few feet of snow and losing several tennis balls here and there.

And if you do decide to partake in a round of Snolf, be sure to dress warm. But in the end, it’s all about getting through the winter and preparing for the golf season … and if “Snolf” can help us get there, then bring on the cold!


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