Update: Man Who Fell Through Golf Shop Ceiling is OK

We try not to laugh at people, especially when they fall through the ceiling and slam their head on the ground. But now that we know “Ryan” is OK, we’re laughing – and he is too.

You may have seen this video of an employee crashing through the ceiling of a golf shop. If you haven’t, you must:

Well, the folks at “Right This Minute” tracked down the infamous Ryan Veltkamp to find out exactly what happened. Turns out he was installing cameras in the shop, such as the one that captured his epic fall.

Now, after watching the original video, my colleague Adam Fonseca, like many of us, had a few questions. Veltkamp’s interview, however, really only answered the first one:

1) Why is Ryan climbing around inside the ceiling?
Now we know it’s because he was installing cameras.

2) Is this something that happens every day in this shop?
Apparently not, but everyone involved seemed to be like, “Oh, someone fell through the ceiling again.”

3) What’s the standard operating procedure for emergencies at this workplace?
Still unclear. Looks like a plan needs to be put in place going forward.

The most important question, yet still unclear.

5) Who’s the third guy that walks into the frame LONG AFTER Ron takes his spill? Is he a customer? Another employee?
Also unclear, but also not much of a helper.

The better interview might be one with the not-so-heroic “Billy.”

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