VIDEO: Man Falls Through Golf Shop Ceiling

Golf course pro shops can be a dangerous place.

For one man, “Ryan,” they can be akin to an amusement park ride or amateur daredevil stunt. Before we dive any deeper into this story, watch this video first:

This security camera footage leads to so many questions.

1) Why is Ryan climbing around inside the ceiling? My initial thought was that he was a burglar trying to break in, but then I noticed he’s wearing the same “uniform” as his coworker, “Billy.”

2) Is this something that happens every day in this shop? Notice the casual conversation that starts between the two men. It’s as if they just witnessed a light bulb burning out instead of a man almost killing himself.

3) What’s the standard operating procedure for emergencies at this workplace? Apparently “Step 1” is to immediately start taking pictures with your smartphone. Don’t worry about calling the paramedics, they probably heard the crash anyway. These things tend to take care of themselves.


5) Who’s the third guy that walks into the frame LONG AFTER Ron takes his spill? Is he a customer? Another employee? Also, see question No. 4.

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