Watch ‘Bear Grylls’ Go Out Of His Element In ‘Man Vs. Golf’

Bear Grylls is considered to be one of the most daring and adventurous human beings on the planet. If you haven’t seen his show “Man Vs. Wild” on Discovery Channel, it’s all about Grylls going on insane journeys to the world’s most dangerous places where he attempts to survive on his own. 

Although the golf course isn’t nearly as scary as some of the places he visits, the first tee box can still be terrifying. You know what I’m talking about.

In this video, (not) Bear Grylls treks through a golf course where he comes across dangerous hazards such as “sand ravines” and wild golf ball-eating birds. How he overcomes this daunting task is truly a mystery.

Not gonna lie, this guy Elliot Loney does a top-notch Bear Grylls impression. He’s even got the jingle down to a T. 

To see the real Bear Grylls on a golf course, check out this video:


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