Watch Tiger Woods ‘Shake It Off’ And Dance At Augusta National

Shake it off. That’s what we’re hoping the 4-time Masters champion will do as he makes his return at Augusta National this week. We’ll also be trying to shake off the images that have been lingering in our heads of Woods’ yips we saw in the previous months.

From what we’ve seen and what’s been reported so far though, Woods’ game appears to be fine-tuned along with an uplifting spirit and nothing but smiles and laughs with old friends.


On Monday afternoon, Woods arrived on the grounds and went straight to the practice facilities to show the world his new and improved short game. Minutes later, ear buds and music also went straight into his ears and suddenly a head-bobbing, energetic Tiger appeared.

We all found ourselves looking at the television just a little closer, rubbing our eyes, rewinding the DVR to get a closer look at this new Tiger Woods.

Is he listening to music while he practices now because of the new sponsorship deal he inked in January? Is he doing it because it makes him feel more at home, somewhere he’s been grinding behind-the-scenes to get his game “tournament ready?” The answer may be both, but whatever the situation is, I don’t think any of us mind seeing another side of someone who we thought for many years was superhuman. 


In Tuesday’s press conference, Woods was asked what type of music he was listening to:

“I wanted to just rock out,” Woods went on to say. “It was just nice. That’s what I practice in at home. Having the opportunity to do that here, you see a lot of guys do it.

“I grew up listening to — you remember the old cassette tapes? I used to make my own cassette tapes, and then they had the Discman. They didn’t have a holder for the waist, so I took one of the cassette holders and took that off and epoxied it to the Discman and listened to my discs as I practiced. Times have changed, but still practicing for hours on end, it’s nice to have a little bit of tunes.”

Rock on, Tiger.