Stop Losing Balls Off The Tee

Josh Kelley

Josh Kelley

SwingU Instructor

Golfers lose more golf balls than they should, especially when they’re unable to locate a shot that they know they hit in play. The most common culprit of in-play lost balls are over-the-top reactions that result in the player not watching their ball to completion.

Whether it’s hitting or ricocheting off of something unforeseen or simply not having a good beat on it, these searches cause an undue delay and could potentially end up costing you not only a golf ball, but a penalty stroke, so be sure to watch your ball as closely as possible.

Another good trick for locating your shots is to find a unique landmark or tree that you can narrow down the area in which your ball came to rest. If you can identify a line with a landmark included, your chances of finding your ball quickly and painlessly increase dramatically. 

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