What Tees Should You Be Playing?

Josh Kelley

Josh Kelley

SwingU Instructor

There’s an easy way to determine which tee box you should be playing from. This is especially important to those who are struggling to enjoy their rounds because the tees they’re playing are simply too long.

SwingU instructor Josh Kelley has come up with a simple math equation that you can use to determine just how long the course should be to challenge your skillset while not making a round of golf a seemingly endless slog of bogeys and doubles. 

Take your average driver distance and multiply it by 28. For example, if you hit your driver on average about 200 yards, a 5,600-yard golf course is about right for you; a 225-yard drive works out to roughly 6,300 yards and a 250-yard drive equates to playing 7,000-yard courses.

Of course, this is only a baseline to give you an idea of what yardage works best for you. Feel free to make judgment calls and play the distance that makes the most sense for you to ensure you can enjoy your round of golf. 

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