What’s A Movable Obstruction And Do You Get Relief?

Josh Kelley

Josh Kelley

SwingU Instructor

Rule 15-2 allows us free relief from movable obstructions such as rakes, cart signs, trash, other players’ equipment, etc. A movable obstruction is an artificial object that isn’t designed to interfere with our play and can easily be removed.

SwingU instructor Josh Kelley goes over the rule in the video above as well as offers a few instances of movable obstructions that you may come across on the course.

  • Take relief if the movable obstruction interferes with your lie, stance or intended area of swing. If putting and the object is in the intended line, it may be removed.
  • Simply remove the obstruction if it’s not touching your ball and play your ball as it lies.
  • If the ball is on the ground but resting against a movable obstruction, place a tee next to the ball and move the object. If the ball does not move then it is in play. If the ball does move, then simply replace it.
  • If the ball has come to rest on a movable obstruction, place a tee on the ground as close to the ball as possible. Remove the object and drop as close to the original spot as possible.
  • If a ball is in a hazard, the player is not eligible for relief from a movable obstruction.

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