3 Drills To Work On Your Game At Home

Ben Pellicani

Ben Pellicani

Golf Digest Best Young Teacher in America, Golf Digest Best in Tennessee, 2019 Middle Tennessee PGA Teacher of the Year

When you can’t get to the course, but want to get some practice in at home, here are three great drills to work on your feel and awareness either indoors or in your yard. 

The first is a swing speed drill. Using any kind of device that can give you a consistent read on how fast you are swinging, attempt to swing a few times in a row with the same clubhead speed. We know that this number is directly attributable to distance, so if we can keep each swing with each club within a few miles per hour of one another, you’re doing a good job.

Second, take an old golf club and put some bee bees or corn kernels into the shaft. Letting the bee bees fall during the top of the golf swing, and fire the club from there to work on tempo and rhythm with some immediate feedback.

Finally, using a smart device and a free metronome app, set the metronome at 60 beats. You’re going to take your club back on a beat and wait to start your downswing until you hear another beat.