A Trick To Neutralize Your Hook

Jim Hardy & Chris O’Connell

Jim Hardy & Chris O’Connell

SwingU Master Faculty, Golf Magazine & Golf Digest Top 100 Teachers

To neutralize your hooks, we have four recommendations for you, two of which are in the downswing and one of which is in the backswing and a final trick that will give you immediate feedback.

In order to get your path going more to the left, we suggest turning your shoulders very hard to left. Another way to get that path going to the left, is imagine your hands bring the handle of the club down a hallway just in front of the lead hip.

On the backswing, taking the club more outside to begin will make it easier to swing the handle to the left through the downswing.

Finally, by placing a tee on the outside of the thumb of your lead hand — in the position where the lifeline of your trail hand rests at address — you get immediate feedback as to whether your hands are coming apart and turning over excessively.