A Key To Better Ball Striking

Chad Phillips

Chad Phillips

Golf Digest Best in Georgia, Top Junior Coach, Director of Instruction - Pinetree Country Club

Centered pivot is simply keeping the upper body stacked on top of the lower body throughout the golf swing, especially in the backswing. There’s going to be a gradual shift forward in the downswing but maintaining our center while rotating into our backswing position.

Centered pivot benefits ball striking because it’s going to get you on top of the golf balls, it’s going to improve your contact, it’s going to improve your compression on the golf ball, and it’s going to help you stabilize face through impact.

To achieve this, your spine during the backswing at the top is in similar integrity than it started. To achieve this, go from a bent-over position, rotating into and trading that bent-over position for a sideways bend position, and then creating a bit of extension while at the top of your swing. However, if you create too much extension in your spine, your head will drift in front of the starting position. If you have no extension, your body is quite a bit behind the starting position.

This is going to clean up contact, create that downward strike that we’re looking for, create that compression on the golf ball, and help us stabilize the face through impact.