A Simple Balance Exercise For A Better Swing

Balance means being able to control your body through space. The first thing I want you to do is to have a club in your hand and try and stand on one leg. You’re going to bend forward slightly as if you were in a driver posture, and that is going to shift your weight to your butt cheek or your glute muscle and that’s where all that stability is.

When you’re standing on one leg, balance using that glute and squeeze your butt cheeks. The reason you have the club in your hand is if you need it for extra support. Just don’t break the shaft! Put your weight into the heel and hold it for 15 seconds. Before you move on, if you feel like you can hold it for 15 seconds, the next thing you’re going to do is just take the club with one hand on each end horizontally and make little movements from side to side. Move your shoulders, not your lower body.

Do the same thing on the other leg. You might find that one leg is better than the other but that’s very common. Once you can hold it 15 seconds without the club on the ground with the shoulder turn, you can start to take a full swing. It’s going to be easier to turn into the leg than it is away from the leg because once you start going away from the leg, that’s when the hips start to move.