An Effective Way To Eliminate Your Slice

Jonathan Moore

Jonathan Moore

Professional Golfer, 2006 NCAA Individual Champion, Oklahoma State Univ. Golf Strength & Conditioning Coach

From the top of the swing, oftentimes it’s our shoulders from the top of the swing that are spinning open too soon, your hands get thrown out with it and you’re left to make compensations if you want to hit the ball straight, otherwise you’re going to hit a slice. 

Taking an old shaft with an alignment rod in the top of it, put it along your toe line and then put your club across your shoulders to wear the grip of the club would just slightly touch the alignment rod. Taking rehearsal swings, if your shoulders spin out, your club is going to hit the alignment rod.

You’re trying to teach yourself to get your trail shoulder down and your lead shoulder to work up so that you can get your club to work down towards the ball on plane, eliminating the shoulder spin out that causes your slice.