Better Practice Habits

One of the biggest frustrations in golf is when we feel we are putting in the time and effort but not getting the results. We have all been there. As we all know, the driving range is a big open field with no real consequences for a poor shot. We just drag a ball, swing, drag a ball, swing. You get the picture; not real golf as played on the golf course. Below is a friendly suggestion to try as you progress toward your individual goals. If you have any questions regarding how to better use your practice time, I will be happy to design a practice plan that fits your individual golf game and time restraints.

Training should encompass a technical (block), skill development (random) and mental component. The mental component can be practiced in many ways depending on the skill level and specifics of what needs to be improved but is very important.

Block Practice – in general 10% to 20% of total practice time.

With General Target and Internal Focusing on the Following:

  1. Grip, Alignment,Posture and Ball Position. NEVER take these for granted. Use the alignment sticks when block practicing.
  2. Positions, drills, delivery through the ball.
  3. All of the above along with monitoring impact, start direction, trajectory and proper yardages with each club.

Random Practice – simulating golf shots as we have on the course.

Switch from internal block practice focus to external target oriented focus.
Random practice sessions should never exceed 30 minutes. This is about quality not quantity. You can break into different segments but never exceed 30 minutes for any single component of your game. Establish a target and realistic goal within your skill set.

  • Establish target and goal. Example: landing 3 to 5 balls on a green in a row from a specific yardage or create gate with sticks and start ball through gate 3 to 5 times in a row.

  • Go through physical and mental routine with each ball.

  • If you do not achieve target goal in established time or guidelines come back next time and try again.

    Enjoy The Challenge of the Game !