Boost Your Social Media Presence With Reels

Short-form videos were first introduced by the Tik Tok app. This style of video is appealing to viewers due to its “quick hit” format, including an endless stream of videos personalized just for you. Almost every social media platform has some variation of this, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. They are becoming a popular way people view content and are an important part of building your social media presence.

The best part of this feature is the potential to go viral since the algorithm shares your video with more than just your followers. When people start to like your video, it will be shown to more and more users, meaning there are an unlimited amount of people who might view your video! This aspect of Reels makes it an incredibly powerful tool for people looking to gain followers on Instagram.

Creating an Instagram reel video is simple, and versatile since it can be used on every platform that offers this feature. You can create content that is both valuable and entertaining to your audience. Basing your video off a popular song or sound is a great way to boost your engagement and get more views. Once created, your video can be found both on your Instagram main feed and under the reels tab.

To create a reel on Instagram:

  1. Click on your profile picture that has a “+” on it from either your homepage or profile page.
  2. Take a video from the camera screen that pops up (you can also upload a video by selecting the “recent” icon in the bottom left corner).
  3. Use the tools in the top right corner, such as sounds, to enhance your video and make it more engaging
  4. Click the arrow at the bottom right corner to share your story