Build A Community With Your Student Forum

Your student forum is a valuable tool that allows students and coaches to stay connected. It is a great place for players to share their accomplishments, and show off their swings. Coaches can use the form to give regular community updates to all of their players at the same time. 

Posting to your forum is simple and easy and can even be scheduled out in advance from your admin site! Simply start typing in the “share something” box, or click “add photo/video”.

One way a forum builds a community is it can drive competition among players. If players frequently share their low scores and tournament wins, it will inspire others to go out and beat them for bragging rights. 

Sharing students’ swings is another way to strengthen your community. If you post a video of a student’s impressive swing after a lesson, other students will want to make similar improvements to their game and will be more likely to take a lesson. You should also encourage students to post questions in the forum to start more conversations.

If there is a last-minute training session available, you can post that update in your forum and reach your entire audience, rather than reaching out to each individual player to alert them of the opening. 

You should post as often as you can on your forum with photos and videos. This will make app check-ins a habit for your students, and lead them to use the other features like online lessons more.