Long Bunker Shots Made Easy

Chad Phillips

Chad Phillips

Golf Digest Best in Georgia, Top Junior Coach, Director of Instruction - Pinetree Country Club

The 40-60-yard bunker shot is often regarded as one of the most difficult shots in golf. In this video, we are going to simplify this shot for you. You’re going to use your standard greenside bunker technique (explosion shot), however, you will be going down in loft. It will take some experimenting, but we’ll most likely land on 8 or 9-iron.

Here I’ve used a 9-iron and set myself up as if I were playing a greenside bunker shot. I’ve set up with a wide stance and positioned the ball forward with my face slightly open. Then I proceed to use my greenside bunker technique. The lower loft carries the ball the appropriate distance. The technique decreases my chances of a major mishit. Try this shot next time you are faced with a difficult 50-yard bunker shot.

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