How To Use The Bounce On Your Chip Shots

Stan Utley

Stan Utley

SwingU Master Faculty, Golf Digest Top 50 in America

If you decide to chip with your sand wedge, then you need to understand the design the engineer intended for the player to take advantage of the club. Regardless of the manufacturer of your wedge, they all have a similar design characteristic called the bounce.

The low point of a wedge is not on the lead edge; instead, the low point is back on the bounce. Your job is to land the back of the club into the ground before the front of the club, much like the way a pilot lands an airplane with the back wheels touching down before the front wheels. 

If you land the club on the bounce angle, the club skids and pitches the ball in the air nicely. With wedges, your clubface is already aiming up some 50-60°, so it doesn’t need your help to get the ball airborne; all it needs you to do is land the back tires in the ground.