Hit Your Chips Closer To The Hole

Mark Blackburn

Mark Blackburn

SwingU Master Faculty, Golf Magazine Top-100, Golf Digest Top-50 in America, No. 1 in Alabama

Once we’ve gotten up onto the cuff of the green, the difference between chipping and pitching is that the ball spends more time on the ground rolling, whereas a pitch is going to spend more time in the air.

There are a lot of the same attributes that we had when we were pitching, we’re going to keep those same attributes when chipping. We want to make sure we have an ark width that’s pretty constant. Use a club where there’s less loft so you don’t need as much energy to get that ball on the green. We want to make sure that the club is uncocked so that the handle is going to stand quite high. We also want the ball just up from center to make sure we have a nice ark with not much energy and then we come into the ball very soft, shallow consistently. The key is to try and keep the club in line with our arms without a lot of wrist hinge so we can get the ball rolling like a putt and then in the follow-through, we want it to be controlled very much rotating through. we don’t want independent manipulation of the hand on these stock chip shots.

You want to get the ball on the green and let it roll out like a putt. We want to have a very constant ark with a low smash. We don’t want an aggressive driving shot that makes it really hard to control our distance. That’s chipping.