Closed Stance Fade Drill

Jim McLean

Jim McLean

Top-3 Instructor in America for 25 Years, Author of 14 Books, Teacher to Major Champions on All Tours

Here’s a drill that’s really good for the more advanced golfer for when you’re pushing the ball, hitting shots out to the right, hooking the ball too much. This is mainly for the people who get the club stuck behind them, hit the ball too big of hooks, maybe hit it too high also. This gets you on top of the ball.

To get this ball to go left of that stick you have to really get the club out. We’re trying to get it more from the inside, but if you’re too much from the inside we don’t want to be 1% too much from the inside or 1% too much over. Right now, we’re going to get that club out, we’re going to get it back to the left, we’re not getting it overextended, that’s the only way we’re able to hit this shot.

This drill can do wonders for the guy, or the girl, who gets stuck underneath their golf shots. This may take you a couple of days to work on this, but you’ll eventually start getting that club out and you’ll take that vicious, out to the right, push and big hook out of your game.