Create Competitive Putting Sessions

One way we can get the most out of our practice sessions is to create a competitive atmosphere when practicing. Practice sessions that include a competitive atmosphere will help you when competing on the golf course. Below are two competitive putting games to help you perform better!


Starting at 4 feet place balls every two feet, all the way back to 40 feet away from the hole. You’ll have 18 putts.
Place a coin or alignment rod 1 foot behind the hole.
Roll each putt with the following scoring system:

Putts from 4-24ft
BIRDIE = make
PAR = past front of the hole but not longer than 1 foot past the hole. BOGEY = putts hit outside gimme zone

Putts from 24-40ft
Place a coin 1 foot short of hole and coin or alignment rod no longer than 2 feet past the hole.
PAR = inside the zone
BOGEY = putts finishing outside the zone


Mark putts at 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 ft from a hole.
Place one ball at the 5ft mark, two balls at the 10ft mark, three at the 15ft mark, four at the 20ft mark, and five at 25ft.
The goal is to make one putt from each distance with the balls allotted, starting with the 5 footer. If you fail to make at any distance, start over!

See how many rounds you need to complete the challenge!