Release Your Hands Better When Chipping And Pitching

Jonathan Moore

Jonathan Moore

Professional Golfer, 2006 NCAA Individual Champion, Oklahoma State Univ. Golf Strength & Conditioning Coach

If you aren’t catching your chipping and pitching shots solidly, more than likely you are getting too much of your full swing into your short game by holding onto the club a little too tight or keeping your hands a little too far forward. Here is a drawback drill to help with this.

Set up beside the ball and instead of going into your finish, when you make contact with the ball, you are going to bring the club right back to where it was in the backswing. This is going to cause your hands to break and slow down and for the speed to come right into the club instead of a dragging-through motion.

You’ll find you get a lot of spin on the ball with the drawback drill. This might be the last ingredient you need to catch those chips a lot more solidly.

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