Eliminate The Lag In Your Swing

Ben Pellicani

Ben Pellicani

Golf Digest Best Young Teacher in America, Golf Digest Best in Tennessee, 2019 Middle Tennessee PGA Teacher of the Year

We want to eliminate lag in our golf swing. Lag is the angle between the shaft and their lead arm. If you hold onto this angle, you’re not creating speed. It’s the releasing of that angle that creates the speed.

The BB club from Gate Golf is a great way to understand how to unhinge or get that club out away from you. If I go ahead and take this club up to the top and I just hang on to the lag or the angle, that BB is never going to move and I’m never going to create the speed I want. But if I send that BB to the ball then I’ve created speed in the golf swing.

We don’t want that speed to go flying by our hand so while we use this club try doing a hit and hold. Go up to the top, let the BB fall, fire the BB, and manage the clubface. That way you know you’ve gotten rid of the angle and then used your pivot to manage the clubface.

Use one of these Gate Golf trainers if you need to get rid of that angle or you want to create speed the proper way.