Fix A Strong Grip

Jim McLean

Jim McLean

Top-3 Instructor in America for 25 Years, Author of 14 Books, Teacher to Major Champions on All Tours

If you’re hooking too much, look at your grip. Look at the top hand on the golf club, if this gets turned over more when you start rotating your hand away from the target, you start to expose more knuckles on this hand. That’s what we call a strong grip.

Looking at your top handgrip, you’re going to see the two knuckles on your hand in a classic grip and the thumb connecting to the side of your hand forming a V. That V should point to your right ear over to your right shoulder. If it turns toward your right hip, that’s getting really strong. Move both hands over so the left-hand thumb is almost straight down the shaft and the right hand connects and sits up on top of the left hand.

The number one cure to get that big hook out of your golf game is to get your hands back up on the club in a more classic position. Turn this top hand more toward the target and that will do miracles for your clubface and take that hook out of your golf swing.