Fix Your Body OR Fix Your Swing

Franklin Bridge Performance Institute

Franklin Bridge Performance Institute

2021 Williamson's Best Winner

“Golf Fitness” is just a myth. There’s fitness and unfitness. Improving your overall mobility, strength, and stability is not only helpful to your golf swing but your overall health. As most of you already know, I build the golf swing around what the person’s body WANTS to do, and what it is CAPABLE of doing. That’s how you play better golf – getting control of what the ball does. The gym doesn’t teach you that…you practicing on the right things teaches you that.

With that said, however, getting more “fit” can help improve your overall performance. The way I like to think of it is this: Does benching 500 pounds and doing ballet to work on flexibility (which happens in the NFL) make you a better football player? No. Does it increase your capacity to be a better football player? Absolutely!  The work you do on the field is what makes you better at football but doing those other things helps to reduce injury and maximize performance when applied to proper technique.

So what do you work on?! Well, that depends on what YOU need! My recommendation is that you go see Alex Phillips at QL PT right down the street from The Bridge. She’s great at what she does and works on what her part is: making you a better athlete. Then when I get to see you, I’ll work on you lowering those scores through improved technique. Think of it like a computer: What Alex does for you is hardware (a better machine) and what I do is software (better apps/programs to run). Improve both and you’ve got yourself an awesome road of improvement and lower scores ahead of you.

Better yet…she offers a FREE TPI Evaluation (though I highly recommend that you spend the money to do a much richer and infinitely more valuable true PT evaluation).  Don’t wait till January and also don’t try to figure out what to do on your own – start working on your body today!!  I’ve been around A LOT of Physical Therapists and Personal Trainers in the business and she’s the person you need to go to. She’ll make you better…guaranteed! She also doesn’t tinker with the swing (like many others do) because that’s not her area of expertise…and fitness is not my area of expertise!  

Go see her today!! Learn more TODAY: 

You can…and should…do this!

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