Free Up Your Turn For A More Powerful Shot

Jonathan Moore

Jonathan Moore

Professional Golfer, 2006 NCAA Individual Champion, Oklahoma State Univ. Golf Strength & Conditioning Coach

Our hips play an important role in our ability to turn or coil into the backswing. If my belt buckle doesn’t change where it’s facing at all, it’s going to be really hard to make a turn. What we want to do is engage our hips to start turning so that it frees up our shoulders and we can get into this nice big shoulder turn and nice full coiled position for more power and more accurate shots.

What I’d like to see you do is this drill where you stick the butt end of the club below your belly button and take the club just about halfway back to where you’re about waist high. From here, try to keep it still connected to your belly but just your hands to waist high. You have to get your belt buckle to start facing and pointing behind you and your hips turning so that you can get those hips to start and allow you then make a nice big turn to the top. Give that a try and free up your turn for a more powerful shot.

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