Develop A Short Game-Specific Routine

Shawn Cox

Shawn Cox

SwingU Master Faculty, #1 Teacher In Southern California

Your full swing pre-shot routine and short game pre-shot routine should be different. If you watch the best players, when it’s a full swing routine, they’ll walk up to the ball, with their club, and they’ll take a few practice swings. Then they’ll come back, and they will aim and possibly find a target, and then hit the ball.

Their short game routine is different. They already decided where they’re going to land the ball and how the ball is going to break and what club they’re going to use but they’re going to find the spot, look out at it, and take some practice strokes. They’re trying to practice brushing the ground specifically to get the feel for the shot. Then they’re going to set up to the ball look at the spot and then they’re going to hit the ball. They use their practice swings to get them comfortable right before they step up so there’s no questioning their swing.

 Basically, you are just taking that feel and push repeat. So please do your practice strokes and step right up and just apply the same swing and make it happen.