Gain Extra Speed With Your Driver This Offseason

Jason Baile

Jason Baile

Director of Instruction, Jupiter Hills Club; Golf Magazine Top 100; Golf Digest Best in Florida

Hi, I’m Jason Baile, Director of Instruction here at Jupiter Hills. I’ve got Davis Lamb with me.

Davis is a really good player looking for some extra speed when he needs it. So we’ve got a plan that we’ve put together to develop a mile an hour per month over the next year, which will equal big-time gains on the golf course.

So we’ve got a stock shot here – a regular driver off the tee that we go to. Let’s check the speed right now, Davis, on your stock.

Nice high draw there. 107 club head speed, 158 on ball speed, attack angle for Davis is always up, which is a huge benefit for distance.

We’re going to add a little speed to this one. So the big thing is I’m going to ask Davis to do is we’re going to create a little bit bigger base, we’re going to allow the left heel to pick up, we’re going to get a bigger pelvic turn and a little bit higher with the hands here to try to create a little more energy through this.

One of the big things with adding speed is you can’t worry about how straight it goes in the very beginning. Your brain’s got to wrap itself around the fact that it can swing faster. So we’re going to add some speed to this one by adding a little bit bigger turn and not worry about where this ball goes.

So a little bit wider base, give me a little rehearsal on where we’re going Davis. Big turn, big shoulder turn higher hands, less heel lift.

Relatively straight for the first one and we picked up over three miles an hour and clubhead speed and five miles an hour in ball speed.

So if you’re looking to hit the ball a little further and your body is able to make a bigger turn and a little heel lift, you can gain some speed from that.

You just got to make sure as you’re doing that, that you’re willing to sacrifice, in the beginning, a little bit of accuracy for that speed.